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Get a Working Line of Credit Based on The Value of Your Accounts Receivable, Inventory and Equipment.

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About State Financial

State Financial offers asset based lending to manufacturers, distributors, and service providers who welcome a personal relationship with us. Our each and every loan is personally overseen by Gary, Ed, Luz, and the rest of the State Financial team, who make quick decisions and provide accounts receivable services.

We help companies who are growing or who are stressed about cash. We are a superior substitute for merchant cash advance loans for small businesses. Our asset based loans are cheaper and better suited to support inconsistent cash flow, growth or simply making working capital available. State Financial frequently offers accounts receivable financing where others do not. We have been in business for over 50 years and our long experience allows us to evaluate risk differently than others.

If you are squeezed for payroll, in a seasonal bind or just looking for a business line of credit, give us a call.

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Outgrown current financial relationship
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Too new or too small
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Recent business losses or weak financial statements
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Tax liens or bankruptcy

How It Works

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Simple and Straightforward approvals

We focus on what’s important leading to fast turn arounds.

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Turn accounts into cash

90, 60 or even 30 days can mean a world of difference to the success of any business. SFC turns those accounts into cash.

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Streamlined operating procedures

Both in day to day procedures and special requests we aim to keep it simple.

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Refreshing flexibility

Non Notification Invoices come from you and payments come to you.

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No Hidden Fees

We charge interest only on the amount borrowed.

State Financial is a family-owned accounts receivable finance company in California

Serving the Western States since 1967, State Financial specializes in:

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Seasonal Over Advances

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Non Notification

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Personal Service

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